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SpoligoDb4 LookUp Tools
- Based on Spoligotyping Database Version 4 (DB4) with 1939 genotypes
- Access easily with different types of lookup
- The target groups for the Master in Medical Biotechnology are licensed professionals in Medicine, Biological sciences, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine and related areas.
- Applications will be considered by the Committee of the Master, and approved by the Master Director, according to the regulation of Masters Courses of HCMP, Hue University.
Laboratory Biosafety Level 3
- Laboratory diagnosis of microbial
- Training and research on respiratory infections, including infections caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis in central Vietnam

Carlo Urbani (Dr. Carlo Urbani, an expert of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Vietnam in 2000. Your doctor has helped Vietnam to develop and implement various projects and scientific research on the prevention against malaria, prevention of diseases and parasites. in patients with SARS, his name was recorded from the first detection of this disease in Vietnam and has sacrificed career. SARS is now good control in Vietnam and other countries in the world. While Dr. Carlo Urbani has lost more than four years but his name will always be people to appreciate, to love ...

The project was built upon a longstanding cooperation between Hue' College of Medicine and Pharmacy and the University of Sassari which had started in 2001 thanks to the efforts of Prof. Piero Cappuccinelli, Director of the Division of Clinical and Experimental Microbiology, Department of Biomedical Sciences...

To commemorate the contribution of Dr. Carlo Urbani of the cause of caring and protecting people's health, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy in collaboration with the University of Sassari (Italy) to perform Construction Centre Carlo Urbani in Hue city at a cost of 1,100,818 Euro Government Association Italia Italia and funded through the University of Sassari ...

Opening Ceremony of Hue Science Festival 2014 – 11 April 2014
The 3rd International Phd Student Science Symposium
Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy conducted the Opening Ceremony of the first joint Master’s degree course on Medical Biotechnology



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